Search, Reserve and Collect

R&R is a web-based system that allows you to make any item available for reservation. Users can search for availability from a browser and make a booking based on predefined rules.

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Enable the booking of:

av equipment | cameras | laptops | computer accessories | meeting rooms | conference halls | sports halls | football pitches | tennis courts | mini buses | car parking spaces | food & drink | sports equipment | art equipment | staff | counsellors | training courses...

Key features

Search and availability

See resource availability at a glance from your web browser

R&R features a clear interface which provides an ‘at a glance’ view of availability. Simple search tools allow users to find exactly what they are looking for, and prompt users with suggested related items.

Enforce accountability

Make users responsible for the items they book

R&R informs staff which people have items on loan, and when they are due for return. Instruction notifications outline all booking rules that apply and ensure that users are accountable for all collections, returns and damages.

Effectively issue and return

Quickly manage the physical issue and return of booked items

The simple list of bookings due for issue makes preparation simpler and accelerates the issue and return process. R&R also supports barcode issue and return as well as configurable preparation time so only resources ready to book are shown.

Effectively communicate

Emails for collection, modification, cancellation and overdue items

R&R informs users that if they fail to collect an item within the wait time, their booking will be cancelled. When a booking is cancelled for any reason, the user is informed by email, and the resource immediately returns to the available state.

Maximise utilisation

Make efficient use of finite resources and control expenditure

R&R features fully web-based usage statistics that can be exported into common file formats including Excel, PDF and CSV. By seeing how often resources are used and any consistent usage patterns the Return On Investment can be proved and stock levels optimised.

Gain control

Create policy based rules and run powerful reports

Easily defined rules determine how resources can be booked, for how long and by whom and the powerful reports allow for a true picture of actual usage. By clearly seeing which resources have or have not been used the correct decisions can be made when planning for future procurement.

Simplify management

Manage multiple departments from the same system

The elegant web based interface of R&R does not require a client installation and supports end-user authentication against your network directory or LMS. Devolved administration allows different departments to ring fence and manage their own resources.

Quick and easy

Simple to search, locate, book and return

The main booking screen allows for easy point and click booking. Alternatively, the Booking Wizard allows users to specify the resource, location, start and duration times to identify the best match. R&R also displays images so users can view what they are booking.

Mobile interface

R&R features a mobile booking interface allowing you to make reservations from Smartphone’s, Tablets and Kiosks. The simple booking mode features all the core functionality needed to proceed with a booking from start to finish.

Resource filter

R&R allows you to pinpoint the exact properties of a resource through the filtering capabilities on the booking screen. This ensures that you reserve and book the item you need with the exact specifications you require.

Email notifications

Email notifications inform users and staff of bookings made, amended or cancelled. They are also used to inform users whether provisional bookings are authorised or declined, when items are due for collection, for return and when they are overdue.

Barcode support

Barcodes can make operations smoother and less time consuming. R&R fully supports barcode scanning for the fast issue and return of all of your resources. This allows for fast availability of resources within your organisation.

Create bundles

R&R intelligently suggests linked items to your initial booking, allowing you to create a bundle of equipment such as a tripod for a camera or a case for a laptop. Staff can also create suggested bundles which can then be reserved under the same booking.

scheduled reporting

R&R is 100% web based making administration and reporting simple to access. R&R also features automated reports allowing you to specify the information required and the people who receive it.

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Room Availability Display module

The Room Availability Display module as shown here which provides an easy way to display the status of rooms. This additional module will also allow a QR code to be generated which can simply be scanned to show the availability of a room. Alternatively, if you are using a browser enabled tablet a URL can be used which will display the availability.

Mobile Booking

R&R has various ways users can book resources, this can be achieved via the standard grid display or booking wizard. However, for the ultimate in convenience R&R also allows users without access to a computer to reserve resources via the mobile booking interface which allows you to easily find resources and book from any location. The R&R mobile interface supports all major platforms including iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Software licensing

R&R is licensed per resource or via an organisation-wide licence with no limit to the number of resources you wish to control or the number of locations where R&R is to be used. The standard R&R base licence permits the installation of the R&R software on one server.

Complete package

Unlike other solutions R&R is a complete package and all core functionality is available at no additional cost. We don’t limit the functionality and enable you to manage your resources in the way you want to from the beginning.

Market leader

R&R is the leading technology to manage resource booking within your organisation. R&R utilises cutting-edge web technologies that support all major web browsers and provides a simple and straightforward experience to both administrators and end-users.

What customers say?

Since implementing R&R we've seen efficiencies in our equipment and resource booking within the college. College wide and within departments it provides an audit trail of usage and justification for equipment spends and refresh. Support and maintenance is great and like MyPC the system just works, it's intuitive, easy to use and also tailored to ones requirements.

Mr Purdip Bahra, Technical Design Officer, Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College, UK

Since we implemented R&R we have been able to keep track of all our multi media equipment in a much simpler and smarter way. We can easily monitor it's useage and most importantly late returned items are much less frequent. The introduction of R&R has been a valuable, time saving & efficient addition to the Learning Centres day to day operations.

Mr Nick Pitt, Programme Manager, Learning Development Centres, LESOCO, UK

Not having to wait for a human to confirm resource availability, as well as getting an instant response from R&R outside of office hours has been a real game-changer for our user base, allowing them superior planning tools and minimising lost hours spent planning sessions only to find the resources required were unavailable.

From a control perspective, knowing exactly what is where (and when) has also allowed us to eliminate equipment loss and saves time typically spent chasing users.

Wildern School - UK

Having the ability to track resources on loan (fewer ‘lost’ items) and send out automatic reminders for overdue items has significantly reduced staff input in these areas. Additionally, as users now have visibility of what resources are available and when, from any Internet device, it is much easier for them to plan ahead and book what they need or make alternative arrangements. Overall we have been very impressed with R&R and are investigating further ways of using it to achieve additional savings within the College.”

Mr Paul Connor, Learning Resources Technologist, Bath College, UK

What a marvellous system. We have been able to banish our paper based booking system whilst giving staff the added freedom of booking and viewing resources from the comfort of their own desk. Everyone has commented on how simple it is to use and how user friendly R&R is. We are able to monitor and exercise controls for items improving efficiency and therefore offering more flexibility and resource to our clients.

Ms Gemma Brown, Student Transport & Fleet Manager, Askham Bryan College, UK

We were looking for a resource booking system to replace our old room booking system which was about 10 years old. Our favoured solution was R&R as it was easy to use; It is web-based and required no client installation.

Unlike other solutions we investigated R&R was a complete package with no hidden costs and no add-ons for additional functionality. We use R&R for booking conference and meeting rooms, car parking spaces and mini buses with the intention of expanding to other resources in the near future

Mr Anton Saverimuthu, ITS Team Leader, Harrow College, UK

I have been using paper-based spreadsheets for my AV / IT bookings for a few years and was losing track to the point that it became a chore. I came across this wonderful product, contacted the vendors and all was sorted out. I have been using R&R for the organization's needs and it has been great. I can track all my inventory, bookings, generate reports etc., without having to guess or lose track. I really like the email feature. It makes everything much easier. It is a very powerful program. It meets all my AV needs and requirements and is exactly what I was looking for. Very happy and satisfied with this purchase and implementation. The Technical Support and Accounts Team are great and very helpful. Thank you ITS team!! Highly recommended!

Mr Chris Ioannou, Technical Support - AV / IT, Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres - Canada

For us, using R&R has improved our portable A/V booking system beyond measure and freed up the LRC staff time. We have been very satisfied with how R&R resolved our A/V booking issues; we would certainly recommend it

Ms Caroline Thornton, LRC Team Leader, Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology, UK

Before purchasing R&R, the college used a paper-based loan system for students to book out kit. This had some obvious problems when for example the sheets of paper got mixed up or even lost. Switching to R&R was a no brainer because it is a simple loan system which is also intuitive in its design. Furthermore, their operatives are extremely warm and friendly! They walk you through how to use the system. I would recommend the system to other colleges with expensive kit in their inventory.

Mr Mashana Malowa, Film Projects Coordinator, Elstree University Technical College, UK

Switching to R&R for us was one of the best things we did. It's now much easier keeping track of what's in use, plus having the ability of using a dynamic system which we can add resources to as and when we need is truly brilliant.

Mr Zaid Bashir, Team Leader, Learning Resources, Bradford College, UK

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R&R & MyPC at CCUMC 2018

19th Sep 2018

ITS is pleased to be exhibiting R&R & MyPC at CCUMC 2018

R&R & MyPC at UBTech 2018

14th May 2018

ITS is pleased to be exhibiting R&R & MyPC at UBTech 2018

R&R 5.0 Available Now

4th Apr 2018

ITS are happy to announce the release of version of our Resource Booking solution, R&R.

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