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R&R is a web-based equipment checkout system that allows you to make any item available for reservation. Users can search for availability from a browser and make a booking based on predefined rules.

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Enable the booking of:

av equipment | cameras | laptops | computer accessories | meeting rooms | conference halls | sports halls | football pitches | tennis courts | mini buses | car parking spaces | food & drink | sports equipment | art equipment | staff | counsellors | training courses...

Intelligent equipment booking

Accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone, users can see at a glance what is available, in use, and reserved. Automated reminders help to ensure timely returns, and detailed statistics provide the information you need when making purchasing decisions and proving return on investment. 

R&R in 80 seconds

Feature highlights

Mobile interface

R&R features a mobile booking interface allowing you to make reservations from Smartphone’s, Tablets and Kiosks. The simple booking mode features all the core functionality needed to proceed with a booking from start to finish.

Resource filter

R&R allows you to pinpoint the exact properties of a resource through the filtering capabilities on the booking screen. This ensures that you reserve and book the item you need with the exact specifications you require.

Email notifications

Email notifications inform users and staff of bookings made, amended or cancelled. They are also used to inform users whether provisional bookings are authorised or declined, when items are due for collection, for return and when they are overdue.

Barcode support

Barcodes can make operations smoother and less time consuming. R&R fully supports barcode scanning for the fast issue and return of all of your resources. This allows for fast availability of resources within your organisation.

Create bundles

R&R intelligently suggests linked items to your initial booking, allowing you to create a bundle of equipment such as a tripod for a camera or a case for a laptop. Staff can also create suggested bundles which can then be reserved under the same booking.

scheduled reporting

R&R is 100% web based making administration and reporting simple to access. R&R also features automated reports allowing you to specify the information required and the people who receive it.

basket mode

R&R offers a variety of different options for booking including basket mode. This mode allows you to simply add your selected items to the basket and checkout when you are finished. You can also save your basket for future bookings in order to save time. Before your booking is finalised, we have also introduced a check availability button to ensure all your stored items are free.

scheduled maintenance

Some resources may require cleaning or maintenance periods before they can be placed back into circulation. With R&R, you can schedule these times daily, weekly, monthly or yearly to ensure items are available to users and also make notes if required on the reasons for the maintenance period. Maintenance period reports are also available, so you have a log of inspections carried out.

time zones

If you have R&R servicing your organisation globally it is now possible to set a time zone for each location. This ensures that when booking rooms and resources across multiple countries and time zones that bookings will be accurately reflected for each user on the R&R booking grid.

More features

Migrate your existing data

Moving to R&R has never been easier! R&R offers an import service and tools which allows migration of your resources from existing systems into R&R.

Integrate with other systems

Designed with flexibility in mind R&R can integrate with other systems. Our product team is on hand to discuss your requirements. To learn more please contact us today.

Authentication methods

R&R provides various options to authenticate users including but not limited to, Active Directory, LDAP, Library Management Systems and leading Single-Sign-On providers.

Room Availability Display module

R&R allows users to book meeting rooms via a browser or mobile app. Meeting room availability can also be provided via the Room Availability Display module. This additional module will also allow a QR code to be generated which can simply be scanned to show the availability of a room. Alternatively, if you are using a browser-enabled tablet a URL can be used which will display the availability.

Utilising the Room Availability Display Module also allows users to check in and out of a booking by entering a PIN number on the screen. This is beneficial for maximising room availability as rooms where bookings end early can be checked out of and made available again.

Mobile Booking

R&R has various ways users can book resources, this can be achieved via the standard grid display or booking wizard. However, for the ultimate in convenience R&R also allows users without access to a computer to reserve resources via the mobile booking interface which allows you to easily find resources and book from any location. The R&R mobile interface supports all major platforms including iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Software licensing

R&R is licensed per resource or via an organisation-wide licence with no limit to the number of resources you wish to control or the number of locations where R&R is to be used. The standard R&R base licence permits the installation of the R&R software on one server.

Complete package

Unlike other solutions R&R is a complete package and all core functionality is available at no additional cost. We don’t limit the functionality and enable you to manage your resources in the way you want to from the beginning.

Market leader

R&R is the leading technology to manage resource booking within your organisation. R&R utilises cutting-edge web technologies that support all major web browsers and provides a simple and straightforward experience to both administrators and end-users.

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